“Keith was my coach as part of our Leadership Program. I feel very lucky that he was aligned to me as he was great in what he did. Keith would very patiently listen to you, bring in new perspective, would give you feedback on your strengths and areas to focus on. He would make you so comfortable that you would be willing to share anything that is bothering you with him. Keith’s own experience has been very helpful in coaching us and showing us direction. Not only me but my colleagues who were aligned to Keith had great things to say about him and how his coaching has been so useful in our personal and professional careers. I would love to remain in touch with him always.”

GL – Vice President of Transitions Lead – International Financial Shared Services Organisation

“With no exaggeration, having Keith as a coach was a life changing experience. Using a crude analogy, I was like a 15 year old car that needed servicing and tuning. I was able to sit and introspect and do some soul searching to gain self-awareness. Keith made me so comfortable that I could talk about nearly anything. I never was looking at the watch when we had the sessions as it was so interactive and engaging. More importantly, Keith helped me upskill myself so that I could self-evolve which was the most valuable facet of this experience. I could go on and on but as my closing comments, I would like to let you know that this has been by far the most effective part of this training program and I have ALREADY shared my feedback with many in my organization about how good this coaching has been for me”.

MH – Vice President Finance, Global  Consultancy Organisation

“Keith provides a well needed space to breathe to step back and take a balanced view of challenges. He has the ability to see through the chaff to identify key organisational issues and the underlying causes of challenges. He enables direction and helps to create practical plans to help you meet challenges with confidence. Keith is a very calming character who puts you at ease and helps to calmly look at concerns, worries and stresses. He has great insight that helps to get to the real issue in a positive way. He guides you to develop coping tools so that you leave feeling armed and positive”.

SLR – Projects Director, Public Sector

“Keith’s Executive Coaching initially helped me assess and plan my new role as Sales Director and where my strengths and weaknesses were. His thorough and rigorous approach quickly identified areas for development and where the key challenges were in the context of the Company. Keith’s considerable business experience quickly evaluated the Company I was operating, explored the key personnel’s priorities, and actively encouraged me to identify the strengths and weaknesses that existed in order to create measurable goals for the business and form a sales plan with a more structured way of working which incorporated clearer channels of communication with key staff members. The coaching helped me develop strategic plans for the Company including taking a key role in a restructuring programme, and an enhanced understanding of the dynamics and priorities that exist for key board members when making future decisions. From a personal perspective, Keith manages to challenge and develop in equal measure with the sessions seeming like a self-led learning experience, rather than a lesson environment. My experience is that by being able to take a broader view of priorities within a business and thinking a creative and strategic way, my confidence and ability has grown significantly, and I would thoroughly recommend Keith’s methods and practices to anyone looking to develop both personal and professional skill bases”.

JC – Sales Director, National Distribution Business