Lecturer and Researcher

“Success comes in the shape of a hockey stick, the longer the apprenticeship served the greater the reward”.

I lecture in Strategy, Consulting, and Finance for a University based in London.

I encourage my clients to take an active approach to their continuous professional and personal development (CPD) and I am currently studying and Msc in Psychology and Organisational Behaviour.

My commitiment to my own CPD includes researching, developing and proving the efficacy of the models I use.

Human Givens in Organisational Systems Development and Learning
My research explores the positive impact of the simply taught concepts and organising principles of Human Givens psychology, when applied in-action learning in the work-place.

This is focused on:
1. Addressing barriers to learning, such as confidence, anxiety, motivation and lack of time, by getting emotional needs met.
2. Engaging a learners personal resources to enhance and make more effective their development.



Human Givens in the Work Place (1)

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