Executive Mentor

What is it?
Executive Mentoring is about providing role specific support to (and being available for) the skilled or aspiring executive (or manager), supporting their decision-making, business objectives and personal development.

A good Mentor will have performed senior roles in their career and be continuously appraising themselves of the latest business and coaching developments.

I mentor and support legal, consulting, banking, finance and accounting professionals to develop their careers, interpersonal behaviour and apply their professional skills. This includes training them to initially achieve and then continually develop their professional qualifications.

My Experience
I continue to consult for select clients and lecture in strategy, business and consulting, in order to keep my experience contemporary. This complements my senior experience as a Managing Director, Chief Executive and Finance Director of a range of different businesses from Blue Chip to SME.

I then create with my clients what Nancy Kline calls their ‘Time to think’. Thinking space! is easy to say not so easy to do. That’s how I help.

Who benefits?
Executive Coaching & Mentoring should concern everybody. For aspiring senior managers it is normally about their career and self-awareness development and/or the honing of management skills.

More established executives benefit from having a confidant who helps them gain clarity, challenge assumptions, change limiting beliefs, become productive, develop talent and having an independent, experienced and skilled sounding board to bounce off.

Why Keith?
I combine my business acumen and psychological insight with a toughness of mind and empathic encouragement to inspire action. This in turn supports you in delivering your business goals and return on investment.

Mentoring can cover business planning, building emotional intelligence, navigating and managing change, and evolving an individual’s (and a business’) high impact personal approach.

I provide this service as a consultant who employ me to deliver to  and represent them to their clients.


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