Business Consultant

Organisations are a system, they are made up of patterns. When I am contracted to consult on behalf of a business, I help them to find ways to resolve their challenges that are bespoke, work for them and that leave them even more capable after implementation.

I am a registered Growth Coach and consultant, retained through consulting companies. I adopt the model of practitioner-teacher, consulting with select clients and businesses that plan to succeed.

I have applied my skills effectively in international, multinational, manufacturing, distribution and service industries, in the process helping organisations to plan, grow and invest profitably.

This has given me a wealth of strategic, tactical and operational experience and know how, across a broad range of functions and disciplines, which I make available for my clients.

Business Background
From an early career as a Finance Director, I developed into general management becoming Managing Director of a number of organisations, where I honed my skills and evolved a personal coaching approach to business leadership.

This in turn led me into private coaching and consultancy practice, where I engage in my skill of developing people and in the joy of lecturing in my competence of business.

These two meet in my third passion, for community, where I run a program called ‘People and Business Matters’, whose aim is to support individuals and organisations to adjust to and move through transition.

My focus
My particular interest is with companies who are ambitious and want to lead out apprentices and develop their management teams to achieve future and on-going profitable growth.

I am a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator, helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored support.

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